Have you ever asked a 5-year-old what the meaning of life is...?

"Don’t walk in a circle too much ‘cos it gets a bit boring"
"It should be happy and not sad..."

"There is only one of you"

In 2012, Action Transport Theatre asked hundreds of school children some of life’s biggest questions. Inspired by responses that varied from serious to straight out silly, STATIk was born. Using these real recordings of hundreds of primary school children in its soundtrack, STATIk is a testament to the wit and wisdom of children.

STATIk began life as Action Transport Theatre’s highly successful pilot tour in Autumn 2012 as From the Mouths of Babes made in partnership with Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, the Essar Oil Chester Literature Festival and The Brindley. The production was performed at rural touring venues, theatres, Gobbledeebook Children's Literature Festival and schools to delighted audiences of all ages.

With a unique visual style and a soundtrack inspired by children’s answers to life’s big questions, STATIk reminds us of the wisdom of children and what happens when one person can’t, or won’t fit in.

Directed By Nina Hajiyianni
Dramaturg - Kevin Dyer
Composer - Patrick Dineen
Designer - Kate Unwin
Light and Sound Designer – Matt Bennett
Performers - Ady Thompson, Rebecca Rogers, Simone Lewis

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